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Demand for land to grow food on currently exceeds supply in many parts of the country. There are thousands of people on allotment waiting lists. At the same time there are many acres of public and privately owned land that could be used for community based food production.

Using FoodMapper in your area you can map:

  • land currently in use for community growing
  • land used as allotments where there are waiting lists
  • land potentially available for community growing
  • location and contact details of groups looking for land

You can also map:

  • local food producers
  • local food initiatives of all sorts ie: seedsaving groups, food co-ops, local food retailers, farm shops, farmers and country markets
  • local food events ie: Apple Days, plant swaps, growing and cooking courses and practical training of all sorts

See the Getting Started page for more info.

If you are a landowner and willing to consider offering some land for community use (on either a commercial or a philanthropic basis) please register it now.

So please register now and map your local food resources – plot your allotments, community gardens and orchards, Community Supported Agriculture schemes, school growing projects, apiaries, chicken and pig co-ops – in fact any land or projects, beyond private gardens, where people are growing food!

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We are aware that Food Mapper does not work well with Firefox 9 although earlier and later versions of Firefox seem to work fine, as do all other major modern browsers. The latest version of Firefox is in advanced beta testing and can be downloaded from http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/beta/. So in the meantime, if you want optimum performance from the site, please do not use Firefox 9 to access it.

Getting Started

Want to map land currently in use by community groups? Want to offer land for use by new groups? Want to add your local food initiative to the map? Read “Getting Started with FoodMapper” first.

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